Perks and Benefits​

We believe in the value of work-life balance for our employees.

At FBU, we believe in the value of work-life balance for our employees to be productive and efficient at work and enjoy their personal lives as well. As such we have created a comprehensive benefits package that will make you feel valued and supported by the company.

One of the perks of working with FBU Solutions is the access to a range of benefits that would not only make work more fun but also enjoyable and rewarding. At FBU Solutions, we want our employees to feel secure in their jobs and also have time to take care of themselves and enjoy life outside of work. That’s why we offer a number of benefits to all of our employees.

Flexible Working

Self-motivated? Location-independent? FBU Solutions might be the place for you. Work from wherever you want.

Paid Time Off

Free time and relaxation are valued at FBU, this is why everyone will get their paid annual leave.

At FBU we will continue to offer a close partnership with all our employees, enabling them to improve and develop a future-proof skillset.
Wellness Allowance

Keeping stress low and maintaining the mind and body are priority at FBU – all our staff will benefit from a wellness allowance.

Birthday Leave
Your birthday is a special moment, both for you and us – enjoy it with a guaranteed day off work.
FBU Anniversary Leave

After spending an entire year with us – you will receive be given an extra day off to celebrate that milestone.

Learning & Development
To be a lifelong learner is a huge part of our working process – we will always enable our staff to grow and develop themselves.
Equipment & Tools
Our staff will always be equipped with the tools they need to succeed – online or offline, we will ensure your continued development.
Performance Incentive
Your performance doesn’t go unnoticed – at FBU, news of reaching goals and hitting targets will never fall on deaf ears.
Annual Salary Review
Your hard work and continued efforts shall be rewarded with a year-on-year salary review, to ensure your continued success.

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We believe that everyone can offer enormous value, given the right tools and environment to succeed. See where your next role could take you.